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Spring is in the air so its time to focus on 'Faith'

While the Apostles were talking with Jesus they asked him this question-Luke 17:5 (NLT) “Show us how to increase our faith.”
Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at how to step into Faith with a new and exciting boldness. One of the heroes of Faith and someone who we can learn so much from is Elisha. He's the 'Double Portion' guy you may have heard about. Each week we are going to be zeroing in on his life and how his 'Faith' took him places to be used by God in situations and circumstances that could only be called -Ridiculous!

See you at c3 church invercargill

C3 Church Invercargill is a fantastic church for you! 
Pastors David and Shiree Ross returned from Sydney (after 4 years of pastoring and studying) back to the heart of Southland, the vibrant & exciting city of Invercargill. Planted in 2009 C3 Church Invercargill is now a growing church filled with people of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. Their heart is to build a church in the city that reaches the region and equips people to live tgheir best lives.

They have 3 beautiful children Jack, Connor and Jordan and are passionate about seeing families flourish. Their desire is to see people connect to God, each other and live their best life!

Come and visit C3 Church, C3 Kids and Activate Youth. “You'll love it here!'

Your Hosts :: David & Shiree Ross

Visiting C3 Church Invercargill

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Feb 19-21 2015

Rise & Build


Rise & Build 2014

ABOUT C3 Church

C3 Church exists to connect people to God. The church is full of people who have discovered an incredible richness of life that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Contrary to a view held by many people, God is not dreary, depressed or weak. Rather He is vibrant, joyful and powerful. His presence should always give rise to a sense of excitement and a fullness of spirit.

This understanding of God is reflected in the enthusiastic and upbeat nature of our church services. Jesus said that He came to earth that we might have a life of abundance (John 10:10). Every time we come together to worship God we are celebrating what Jesus has done for us.

C3 Church has congregations around the world that are bright, enthusiastic and relevant. Our message is one of faith, hope and love.  We have a united vision to build the church by connecting people to God, connecting people to people and also empowering people for effective, joyful service.

Come visit us at C3 Church today and live your best life!